Flower Carpet

Flowers, flowers, flowers!  The Flower Carpet is one of the famous events Brussels is known for – a colorful design of flowers that covers the square of the beautiful Grand Place.  It only happens once every two years and lasts for just a few days – so this was our chance to see it. According to the history of the Flower Carpet, it began in 1971 to promote the creator’s favorite begonias. As you can see from the pictures, the kids were impressed!  (Morgan later commented – too bad they didn’t have a carousel.)  After admiring the flowers, we stopped at our favorite outdoor seafood restaurant for lunch.  Morgan loved the “circle chicken” (a.k.a. calamari).  

P1120415 P1120338 P1120339 P1120346 P1120352 P1120356 P1120365 P1120370 P1120383 P1120385

P1120426 P1120430 P1120438 P1120460


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