Ballet Spectacle

Morgan’s ballet “spectacle” was today – a performance put on by her ballet school, La Passerelle, and Morgan’s first performance in a real theater in front of a big audience.  I thought she might be a bit apprehensive about being on stage in front of a large crowd – but who was the last kid in her group to get off stage with her head peering around the curtain and a huge grin on her face until the last minute?  My girl.  Morgan and her fellow five-year-olds performed a dance called “Night Run” and they were super cute, as you can see below.  The big girl ballerinas at the school also put on an amazing performance, reminding me of my own childhood and the countless miles I logged in my pointe shoes.  This also seems an opportune time to thank my own parents, who undoubtedly sat through numerous lengthy performances so I would always feel like a star.




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