Baking in Brussels – Metric Style!

First of all, easier said than done! It has been a long time since a batch of Nestlé Toll House cookies has come out of my oven but I was determined to make it happen – despite a few minor metric obstacles. Local recipes call for grams and milliliters, Europeans bake by weight where as we (je suis Americain) measure by volume. Thankfully I was using the Nestle recipe, which calls for two sticks of butter (one cup), but what do you do when butter only comes in a 250 gram block? Improvise! I softened the butter and then measured out a cup. (I am a genius.) Also, I had to get the job done without my favorite U.S. appliance, my beloved Kitchenaid mixer is in storage! Hand mixing cookies is a workout. So how did they turn out? Check out my satisfied customers…



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