Bonne Fete des Amoureux

Valentines Day is a bit different in Belgium, but it didn’t stop us from celebrating our way! Morgan was the only kid in her class to pass out Valentines today, because as her teacher explained to us, usually this occasion is only celebrated by “the lovers” here. Morgan was happy to share the kid version with her friends by distributing Hello Kitty and Spider Man cards and M&Ms to her friends.  Likewise, Gus brought chocolates to the ladies at his creche this morning. When I picked him up this afternoon they wished him a “Bon Fete des Amoureux!”  Maybe we are rubbing off on our local friends after all!


Morgan made a special Valentine for Daddy


Hello Kitty and Spider Man Valentines goodie bags!


Assembling the bags with love


Valentines from the Grandparents


Valentines Chocolates – one of these was for Morgan.  She bit into a heart shaped chocolate and promptly announced that she had “bad news”… there was no marshmallow inside.


Extra special Valentines chocolates for my Valentine


Valentines surprises for the kids!


Gus got a few new hippo blankies (his one true love!) … it would be a serious crisis if the one we had got lost so we are relieved to have a couple more in the rotation!


My mini Valentines


Gus thinks that Valentines Day tastes pretty great


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