A Long Weekend in Brussels with the Lovely Lois

My dear friend Lois is, as this title suggests, simply a lovely person.  Back in DC we used to love brunching together at the Belga Cafe – so why not continue the tradition right here in Brussels?   We were so excited she decided to visit recently and Morgan was especially excited about the giant cookie that “Lewis” brought from her current home in Croatia.  Of course every visit here involves sampling great Belgian beer, which we paired with croquettes at an old guild house turned tavern on the Grand Place.  We also (finally) tried something on every fancy menu here in Brussels – steak tartare!  Yes, raw beef, and surprisingly it was delicious.  The outdoor farmers markets were not to be missed either, so we checked one out at Place Flagey and it had a wonderful food scene with everything from hotdogs and hamburgers to oysters and champagne. We chose Thai and were not disappointed!  Last but not least moules et frites in Place du Grand Sablon!  Thank you for visiting Lois, it was the best!  Now who’s next??


The Grand Place is beautiful at night!


Cheers!  Lois’s beer came with a stand….well done Lois!




Lois and her not so secret admirer!


Lois explained that this special cookie from Croatia would harden and then Morgan could hang it as a decoration.  After days of longing after this cookie Morgan told us “you have to make your brain really strong not to eat the cookie or you will go crazy!”  I hear ya girl, my brain is often not strong enough to resist cookies!



Steak tartare!


Market at Flagey


Enjoying a Singha beer with my Thai while the two babes sleep in the stroller


The long line for frites in Flagey, they must be good!



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