Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus?

Or why not both?  Since Morgan had been running around our house singing French songs about Saint Nicholas weeks before his big arrival on December 6th, we decided that he should probably visit our house just like he does all the other children in Belgium.  Saint Nicholas, who leaves gifts and sweets in the shoes of those who left them out for him, became the model for the American Santa Claus and is a big deal here in Belgium.  Both Morgan and Gus were excited to find treats in their shoes (chocolates for Morgan and animal crackers for Gus!) along with a few gifts under the tree.  Of course we are still enjoying the tradition of Santa Claus too and were excited to see him at a party today, so our combo European-American holiday season has been twice as much fun this year!


Morgan with St Nicholas crafts and treats from his visit to her school


Morgan’s portrait of St Nicholas




Santa – and no tears!!!  A success!  Morgan told him she wants a “Hello Kitty Mermaid.”  I googled it and unfortunately they do make such a thing!


The girls


The boys



Best present under my tree this year – my (almost) one year old baby boy!


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