A Thankful Reunion

I met my dear friend Karen years ago – and interestingly – we spent a lot of time hanging out right here in Brussels! Karen lived here years before it was ever on our radar screen, and when I visited her here she rolled out the red carpet for me (and by that I mean we drank a lot of great beer and ate fabulous food). Fast forward nearly six years and voila – we reunited in this wonderful city. Karen is one of the sweetest and most fun people I have ever known, it is impossible to have a bad time around her or get stressed about anything, she can have fun no matter what the situation and knows how to make me burst into laughter every other minute. On top of that, she is a Thanksgiving pro and even helped me put a feast on the table! Brussels is a fabulous place to visit during the holidays – and our trip down to the Grand Place is proof – the Christmas decorations include a light show choreographed with music. It is truly spectacular – but the most beautiful thing in the Grand Place last weekend were the two gorgeous ladies in the last picture (if we do say so ourselves)!






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