Special Girl Day and an Escargot Extraordinaire

Morgan and I both had a day off recently, so we ditched the boys and had a special girls day! What did we do? Mani pedis you might think… but no. (Although that would have been nice for me!) Her choice was to go see the new movie Turbo about a snail that obtains special powers to race in the Indie 500. Oh yes.  If I don’t get mother of the year for this act I give up. Did I mention the entire 1 hour 36 minute film was in French? We also had some pancakes at good ole McD’s before the film, a real treat since we have not visited the golden arches since we left the U.S. (I know, I know… fast food bad, blah, blah… her real favorite foods are salmon, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes, I promise!) All kidding aside, we had a great time! Morgan has been to an IMAX but this was her first full length movie in a theater and it was really fun! When the movie was over I asked what she wanted to do for the rest of special girls day… her answer, “let’s go get Gussy, I miss him!” Aww… I missed him too! Girls love girl time but we also love our Gussy Bear!

Image Image



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