We have been enjoying Halloween in Brussels, even if it is a little different here! There are some Halloween themed events around town but they do not do trick or treat here the way we do at home. To compensate, the Great Pumpkin made a visit to our home while we were out at the playground and hid “bon bons” all around our house! It was a home run with Morgan, who then spent the rest of the night hiding all the candy she found and making us look for it.

We saw a few kids in costumes today – and of course we were among them! Gus was a classic – my pumpkin baby! And Morgan, who is currently obsessed with the Little Mermaid – was Ariel. (Now if I wasn’t in such a constant sleep deficit I would have thought to dress Gus as a crab… but there is always next year and hopefully I will be out of my baby coma by then!)











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