Tis the Season… Flu!

Public service announcement: remember to get your flu shot! Tis the season and after the weekend we just had – family stomach bug (thank you Gus) – we are hoping to keep the flu and all flu like symptoms away as much as possible. Three days stuck inside and feeling miserable was no fun. Flu shots are not routine in Belgium and the doctor does not keep them in stock, so as usual this was an ordeal! First I had to pick up the prescription for the vaccine at the doctor’s office (I guess they can’t call it in here), then take to to the pharmacy to have it filled, and then take it back to the doctor to have it administered. Oh yes… c’est strange. Morgan was really brave and didn’t shed a tear – she was so proud – as was I! Have a healthy fall and winter everyone!


City kids! On the bus to go see the doctor.


A beautiful fall day for a lovely walk!


Admiring the foliage


Don’t even think about giving me a shot… not going to happen!


A budding florist? Playing in the waiting room before the dreaded shot.



No tears! And chocolate Hello Kitties always make a girl happy after a shot!


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