Tour de Belgium

We just enjoyed three consecutive weekends of visitors – and it was fabulous! One of the best things about the last couple of weeks is that it motivated us to get out and play tour guide – including day trips to Bruges and Ghent – two beautiful medieval cities in Belgium. Loads of sight seeing and eating good food. If you haven’t yet booked your visit to see us – here are some pictures that might prompt you to hop on over! P.S. We miss you Grandma and Grandpa Harris!


Grandpa and Morgan with a floating street performer in Bruges!


Lunch in Bruges – a feast!


Boat tour on the canal in Bruges



Setting sail with Meema and Grandpa



Meema at Notre Dame in Paris!


Lunch in Ghent


Baby Gustave and Bruce Gustave!


Morgan and Meema in the dungeon of the castle in Ghent



Princess in the tower of the castle in Ghent


View from the top of the castle

IMG_3371 IMG_3377 IMG_3475

Grandpa taking Morgan to Ecole Maternelle!



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