Brussels: Family Style

The last week has been filled with fun in our house…first we welcomed Grandma and Grandpa Harris, and then Uncle Brian, for a visit! Uncle Brian was just on an extended layover for a work trip so we tried to squeeze in a lot during his short visit. The “must dos” in Brussels: a visit to the Grand Place, mussels, beer, chocolate, and the Mannekin Pis (a little statue of a boy peeing that, for some unknown reason, is a huge icon here)! Were we able to do it all?? Check it out….Image

Sampling chocolate on the street… yes please! Chocolate: CHECK


Seafood lunch at Mer Du Nord… we had beer AND mussels… CHECK and CHECK!


Don’t be fooled, not the real Mannekin Pis, every restaurant has their own replica!


The REAL Mannekin Pis, CHECK! Tiny statue in the background. Notice the crowds of people flocking to it.

Image 2

The best way to get around Brussels is on Uncle Brian’s shoulders!

Image 1

One more of lunch at Mer Du Nord – YUM!

Grand Place? Yes we were there, but I guess no one took a picture.


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