First Day of School – En Francais!

Comment ca va? The first words that Morgan’s new teacher spoke to her this morning were met with only a smile from our petite fille, but fingers are crossed that she will be able to reply en francais soon! Today was Morgan’s first day of Ecole Maternelle, French preschool, and oui – ca va bien!  Morgan walked into her class like she had done it a hundred times before and we were so proud of her! Her favorite part of the day was making “hundreds of play-doh snakes” and building houses with blocks.

Gus had a big day too – a few hours of visiting his new “creche” – a little daycare with about a dozen babies. He made himself at home right away chewing on books and getting used to his new environment. Both he and Morgan were all smiles when we picked them up – the best part of our day! Well, the best part besides that amazing brunch we had during the few hours we had to ourselves….


Getting ready for our big day!


Bags are packed


Walking to school – only 5 minutes from our home!


Giving the monkey bars a try


First priority of the day – coloring a rainbow


Playing Mr. Potato Head


This teething boy is happy as long as there is something to chew on…


Last hug before the drop-off… I am putting on a brave face!


Gussy Bear!


A few hours sans kids? Time for brunch!