Babe On the Move

Gus is in that sweet spot of babyhood where he is no longer a bored blob lying on the floor (come hold me, come get me, whaaah whaaah) but he isn’t yet scaling the balcony with one leg slung over the other side. He can sit and play contently for awhile and you can usually count on him to be in about the same spot you left him if you happen to take your eyes off of him for a moment. I am enjoying all five minutes of this moment because I can already see it is about to disappear. Exhibit A:

Image 4

He is starting to crawl – not quite on all fours yet but he can get from point A to point B. Destination Point B is usually a pile of DVDs he likes to pull off the shelf and scatter around the floor, followed by a victory chewing on the table celebration (must feel good on those two new teeth he has).  He can also pull himself up on furniture to a standing position. Nice. If he was our first kid we would be celebrating every moment and cheering him on but now we know better. This weekend was spent lowering the crib and ordering baby proofing items online. Hopefully they will get here in time! Where did my baby go?

Image 2

Image 3

Don’t even think about trying to escape the baby cage!


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