Caveman French

I speak French at a level that likely sounds like a caveman to the native speakers.  Par exemple, this morning in the grocery store I was trying to find bleach. I have enough basic vocabulary to say (in French) the following, “Good day. Excuse me. I want bleach. For white clothes. Wash. Also it is disinfectant.” I watch the store employee’s face… I see an expression of recognition…YES, he understands! He even pulls out the sleeve of his undershirt and points and repeats (in French) WHITE. WASH. YES. We are playing charades now. He then hands me the following, insisting this is what I need:

Image 2This, dear friends, is not bleach. I am sure it will help with the many, many, many stains of baby clothes (especially since Gus loves carrots, which makes for one tough stain), but it will not disinfect. Still looking for bleach, I have paced up and down the aisles to no avail…help!

Image 3

This is the French for idiots book that I study in my free time, which does not exist. It is actually a fantastic book, if I had time to review it more than once a week.

Image 1

This is my All American Baby.  He speaks nothing. Well, he is starting to say ba, ba, ba, ba… and he does have some impressive vocal cords! We will learn together, we’ve got a couple of years to get the hang of this language thing!

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