American TV!

The familiar hum of the television is back on at chez Harris, it is kind of hard to believe we went nearly two months without any television at all!  (We’ve been doing A LOT of coloring… probably a good thing!)  We chose a subscription that allows us to access the major network channels back in the States. I really missed watching our favorite news programs the most, and while I try to at least scan the headlines everyday, I am embarassed to say that I sometimes go days at a time before catching up on the major news stories! At last, I thought, I can catch up on the news!  So during the first five minutes of television in our home yesterday afternoon I watched the live morning news from the the States, and these were the top stories:

Man Wakes up from Coma only Speaking Swedish

Boy Rescued from Sand Dune

Pregnant Woman Survives Minivan Crash into a Motel

Wow, I am so glad I am up to speed on all of this! Feeling well informed! I think I will stick to my Washington Post online and get the crayons back out!


This girl loves her PBS Kids!


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