Lovely Brugges

Today we hopped on a train and visited the lovely city of Brugges in the Flemish Region of Belgium.  This midieval city is full of charm and I enjoyed it almost as much as when I visited five years ago – sans children!  Visiting this city with the nuggets in tow was a different experience (I didn’t drink as much beer this visit!) but we all had fun viewing the horse drawn carriages, historic churches, and canals that were built in the 1100’s.  The boat tour through the canals is a must.  Morgan chose a stuffed “Snowy” toy (Tintin’s dog) as her souvenir.  A good time was had by all, despite the rainy weather!

P1080526 P1080549 P1080612 P1080701 P1080734 P1080736 P1080745 P1080759 P1080771 P1080814 P1080859 P1080866

P1080703 P1080475


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