Taking Care of Kid Business

Two big accomplishments this week for the nuggets!  First, we found a pediatrician who speaks English.  This is good because “il est malade” will only get me so far.  Gus weighs 7.8 kilos, which is 17 lbs, and he got his 6 month immunizations.  When the time for shots came, Morgan, who promised to help Gus be brave (her words), helpfully exclaimed “Oh no Gussy there’s your shots watch out they’re gonna hurt super bad!”  Nice.  Thankfully, il ne comprende pas.  We also got a prescription for an immunization that is given orally, which I had to pick up at a pharmacy and administer myself.  What?!  Three worried calls later to my reassuring pediatrician in DC, I finally felt at ease enough to give Gus his drops, and all went well.

Second accomplishment – we visited and enrolled Morgan into a French speaking Catholic school.  Ecole maternelle is our equivalent of nursery school, and the class Morgan will join in September was working on a project making “papillons” – butterflies – so of course Morgan was sold on the place right away.  The teacher was very reassuring and said that Morgan will be speaking French in no time.  She also assured me that a class of children who speak different languages from different cultures makes the teaching experience more enriching.  This year the teacher had students from Greece, Spain, and Portugal, and the three were best friends and all learned and spoke French to each other.

Gus looking up to Morgan…. for now:


Morgan, same age as Gus now, in the same beloved exersaucer (a.k.a. circle of neglect)


Not too many hand-me-downs from Morgan to Gus, but this sleeper works.


Image 1


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