Je T’aime Brussels!

Maybe we are still in the honeymoon phase with our new city, but so far Brussels has rolled out the red carpet for us since we arrived, nearly two weeks ago already! The weather has been perfect (which we know is rare here) so we have spent most of our weekdays outdoors and touring the various neighborhood playgrounds with our picnics.  We are finding our favorite patisseries for morning croissants and, Morgan’s favorite, pain chocolat.  I am a big fan of the warm waffles, which really hit the spot on a chilly day.  I am enjoying these lovely (and sometimes exhausting!) days at home with the kiddos, and we are all happy to see daddy at the end of his workday for family dinner on the porch.  Cheers!

IMG_0959 IMG_0967 IMG_1013 IMG_1036 IMG_1391 IMG_1407 IMG_1413 IMG_1421IMG_1475IMG_1456 IMG_1459


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