Most “Wonderful-est” Day

Two four year olds, a four month old, and an amusement park.  Where’s the beer kiosk, you might ask?  (They didn’t have one, trust me I checked.)  Or, if you are Morgan, you’d say it it was the “most wonderful-est day ever!”

We were so excited to have a super fun reunion with our friends (Pink and Orange in DC) at Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA.  When we pulled up to the castle facade of the park and told Morgan that she was going into the castle, and that her best friend Manya would be there, the little girl shrieking began and lasted for approximately the next five hours until she passed out in the car on the way home.

Special thank you to Manya’s papa, who won the the pink dolphin for Morgan at the fishing game after multiple failed attempts by me.  The dolphin, probably worth about 25 cents, was finally ours after about $10 worth of ticket purchases to play.  (Curt, you totally owe Peter a beer!)  Also, thank you to my mom, who came along to babysit Gus so that I could go on the rides with Morgan and catch up with my friends.  It was a “Dutch Wonderful” weekend!






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