Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

No, we haven’t arrived in Brussels yet, but this picture of Gus in our empty home is evidence that we are making progress toward that goal. It took seven professional movers 11 hours to pack up our stuff and load the truck. The place we’ve called home for more than six years is now empty, with the exception of a few Barbie shoes and Lego pieces left behind on the floor.

A few brief reflections: I lived in this home longer than anywhere else in my life! As an Army brat I had moved ten times by the time I left home for college, never having lived anywhere for longer than three years at a time, and in my thirty (ahem) years of life I never planted roots for a record six years in a row until now. A lot has happened in our Capitol Hill condo and I have enjoyed my longer than ever nesting period in this home. Our family has doubled in size since we lived here with addition of the two nuggets. Our place is also special because this is the only home Morgan has ever known! Overall our first home has been great to us and we have made countless wonderful memories here.

A big shout out to Gus, who was a total trooper in the Baby Bjorn all day during the pack out, and who either slept or just laid in his pack-n-play cooing and smiling at us while we painted and cleaned our home for our tenants after all our stuff was out. Gus had to stay with us to maintain close proximity to the breastaurant, while Morgan was getting spoiled at Grandma and Grandpa’s all week (thank you mom and dad)! She enjoyed coloring Easter eggs, going to the library, watching a 3D IMAX movie about butterflies, and making cupcakes. She may have also acquired a few new toys during her visit. I am quite certain she would be willing to have my parents adopt her anytime now.

A few more loose ends to tie up and last visit with the family before we fly out! Can’t wait to get this show on the road!


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