Au Revoir Washington DC

          Sprouts as in kids, that is.  In less than one week we are packing up for a move to Brussels, Belgium!  This move, for husband’s job, has been a work in progress for some time now and we are so excited (and slightly freaking out) that the time has finally come.
          I am looking forward to many things about our move.  I am fortunate to have traveled to Brussels before so I know all the wonderful things that Belgium has to offer, and of course I plan to indulge frequently in the things Belgium is known for – great beer, chocolate, waffles, and mussels!  (Mostly excited about the beer, gotta admit.)  The picture of the cappuccino with the heart and a side of chocolate was from a breakfast I ordered during a trip to the lovely city of Bruges.  Pretty decadent, I was definitely not longing for Starbucks.
          I am also excited for the two sprouts to experience life abroad, an opportunity I also had as a child for which I am grateful.  I am looking forward to hearing the kids singing nursery rhymes en francais!  Maybe Gus’s first word will be in French, how cute will that be?  I also cannot wait to discover and experience new things through the eyes of the kids, as things are always that much more amazing from the perspective of the nuggets.
          Things I am anxious about are numerous.  The flight.  Heaven help help me.  An overnight flight with an overtired infant and toddler.  I have a feeling we are going to be *those people* on the flight – the family with screaming kids on the verge of a meltdown.  And just as Gus is starting to let me get some sleep at night, hello jet lag.  Saying goodbye.  Sniff, please visit us!  We won’t be gone forever but we will miss our family and friends.  The language.  I studied French for six years total and can barely order a cup of coffee.  Ok, maybe it is not that bad, mais n’est pas bien.  It has been 17 years since I studied or really spoke any French – hopefully it is still in the recesses of my mind and will surface as I get out and about.  The sprouts.  Mostly worried about Morgan – will she adjust well to her new home and school?  How much will she miss her BFF Manya (I miss her and her Mama already)! The unknowns.  Are we insane to leave our safe and predictable life and routine that we love in Washington DC?  And seriously, how will I survive without close proximity to a Target?
          I am also anxious about how we are going to experience all the great things that Belgium and Europe have to offer with two young nuggets in tow.  How mobile will we be realistically?  I am hopeful that this double decker will help us navigate all the cobblestone roads of the charming cities of Europe:
          My objective with the blog is to give family and friends a glimpse into our adventures and to keep up with the nuggets.  Entries will be short and sweet – I plan to share the highlights, debacles, and interesting cultural tidbits along the way.
          Wish us luck, and au revoir!  Next post will be from Brussels!

7 thoughts on “Au Revoir Washington DC

  1. Courtney! I’m so excited for you and your family. Your worries are valid. On the other hand, tho’–I think that once you get yourself adjusted–oh are you going to love it!!! and don’t you doubt for a moment…you WILL see me over there! AND–I’ll be following you here, too. Praying for you to have a safe, smooth “not those people” kind of flight! Dani B.

  2. This experience is going to enrich your lives in so many ways. Among the struggles there will be many things to learn, enjoy, and laugh about. I can’t wait to read more, and we will try very hard to come for a visit once you get settled in. Would love to FaceTime as well. Love love love you all, and safe travels.

  3. Wow! Safe travels and enjoy every moment. Don’t worry too much, life is too short. Kiddos will adjust. Wishing you big Mommy support can do it! I think the blog is a great idea – can’t wait for your next post…Drink one for me xoxo

  4. We’re ready to receive and make it a nice welcome :-). Let us know if you need anything. Safe travels et Bon chance!!

  5. We love you guys so much! We are so excited for you. It will be an amazing adventure! The blog is awesome, what a great idea:)
    Love, Christie, Chris, Harris, Hudson, and Belle

  6. Wow! Enjoy the adventure. I will be sure to follow your blog. Best wishes for wonderful times and great memories!!

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