A Good Day for a Gondola Ride

These pictures need no introduction, we had a perfect sunny day for our gondola ride, an essential part of the Venice experience. The gondoliers navigate the narrow canals using their feet to push off buildings to move the boats, all while standing and rowing. At the end of our tour our gondolier said there is a nickname in Italy for boys like Gus, “hurricane.” But he didn’t fall overboard so we are calling it a success!


Strolling the Canals of Venice

After a day of walking around all the main attractions of Venice on our first day, we stayed a bit closer to home yesterday and let the wee ones catch up on rest. We took a detour off the main tourist routes and went inward to some less travelled canals. We were rewarded with squid spaghetti and squid ink pasta. The kids were not as excited about black spaghetti as we were but they enjoyed their heaping piles of bolognese. 

Spaghetti face


Caffeine fix 

Little shoppers

Laundry day

Squid ink spaghetti 

Spring Break in Venice

We just arrived in Venice and it is so spectacular it inspired me to dust off the ole blog and share some of our pictures. The kids were thrilled to ride in a Tintin themed airplane followed by a boat ride to our hotel. Gelato, pizza, and spaghetti this afternoon and everyone is already sold on Venice. Now if we can just make sure Gus doesn’t chase a pigeon into a canal, it should be a perfect week.

One Year Ago – Tuscany

I just found this draft blog post from a year ago, Easter break 2015. I am not sure why I never posted it, but better late than never! 


We had a few must dos on our wish list during our visit to Florence, and we happily enjoyed all of them. Wine tasting in the Chianti region, a visit to Michelango’s David, the midevil villages of Siena and Girirgamo, Piazza Michealango for the great virews of Florence, visiting the boar and petting him for good luck, and gelato…lots and lots of gelato…

Family Time in Florence

There is nothing better then a long break from the day-to-day routine than some time off of work and school and quality time with the family. And when that time can be spent in Florence, Italy – bellisimo! Gelato, pizza, amazing red wine are pleasant accents to each moment of our day. The warm weather and sunny skies are also a welcome break from our home in Brussels. Exploring the beautiful piazzas and Boboli Gardens today and sendIng our love to family and friends everywhere! Ciao!